Libraries for Fesslix

The core functionality of Fesslix can be extended by means of libraries. A library in this context is essentially a plug-in that provides additional features and, thus, extents the capabilities of the core-application. Available libraries are:

library name description availability bzr-path
rnd additional features for uncertainty analysis build-in
bayup Bayesian inference build-in
fem finite element support for Fesslix open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/fem
ssfem spectral stochastic finite elements open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/ssfem
matlab Matlab interface on request
octave Octave interface open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/octave
Python Python interface open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/python
stat statistics of realizations of random vectors open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/stat
flxbn Bayesian networks open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/flxbn
rsm response surface methods open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/rsm
dyna dynamic sctructural models open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/dyna
flxhydro simple hydrological models open source lp:~wbetz/fesslix/flxhydro
client connects the Fesslix-client with a server on request

The bzr-path listed in the last column is needed to retrieve the source code of the respective library – see Linux (from source).

Special interfaces

library name description availability bzr-path
flxvi an interactive interface for the command line
is loaded automatically if the library is detected
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